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Wheel Thickness Question- Lug Mounting Area


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I have a bunch of KMC XD222 wheels that I have had for years but as they are getting hard to find in a 5x5.5 bolt pattern I try to pick more up any time I can find any. I found some on a Jeep forum in good condition and bought them, but when I got home and compared them to my existing wheels I am not sure if they will hold up on my 7200 truck (racing in 4700).

My existing wheels are drilled out for 5/8" studs but only a small amount of the wheel face has been removed to accept the lug nuts- the mounting thickness is 0.900".

The new wheels have been drilled much deeper to fit Jeep lugs/nuts (whatever size they are). In order to get them drilled out to accept 5/8' lugs and the larger lug nuts, much more of the wheel face will need to be removed and the mounting thickness at the lugs will only be 0.500". See picture- they have not been drilled out yet.

My questions is, what is the minimum wheel mounting thickness that will hold up to racing? Is 0.500" enough? Thanks!!