When “adjusting/tuning” bypasses, why start with all open vs closed?


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On my limited exposure to bypass shocks.... and it’s only been 3 tube (2 comp, 1 reb plus reservoir).
It was always start with all the bypass full open, then start closing the longer of the comp tubes until it reduces the jarring the truck As much as reasonable in the bigger bumps.
Then Adjust the shorter comp tube in the smaller stuff where it’s confident inspiring...

then go to the rebound tube and that seemed to always just be turn it in until the snap/shock/I can’t explain it wentaway. It was more a butt feeling than anything else.
I’m no pro so it was a what’s comfy and probably not what’s the fastest.

but as I’m sitting here getting ready to make plans for a 5 tube rear, 3 comp, 2 reb and a remote reservoir, with big tubes made for leaf springs... I got to thinking:

why wouldn’t I start with rebounds open, and the comp tubes closed. Except the shortest comp tube. Open that all the way up, and start with tuning the softer smaller travel stuff.

with the other comp tubes closed, the bypass being tuned wouldn’t get a false feeling by oil being pushed through the other tubes.
Then do the next longer comp... followed by the longest.

maybe do the Short travel rebound tube before the two longer comp tubes?

I get there won’t be a“one set of adjustments and done”... because the longer comp tubes once adjusted I may have to revisit the shorter tubes...

but just wondering was i doing it wrong before on the easier 3 tube shocks?

jon coleman

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open all drive it, a set course,/loop, close them all, drive again, then go into the Middle of adjustment, while keeping notes/ also have some one video all 3 adjust ments to get idea whats going on, then, adjust One tube a little at a time, it sorta worked for me to make my jeep raceable,that or go to a test & tune day with the shock guys before races usually in barstow/ Lucerne


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Yea. That is my regular strategy. But I just started to question the “all full open” as that doesn’t allow the maximum of the piston to bypass relation.
(For instance a shock will dampen less with the upper tubes open and The lowest tube being adjusted closed than if the upper tubes are closed and the bottom tube is being adjusted closed)

I guess either way it gets you where it needs to be.
This is a good question! I'm about to rebuild/revalve my shocks and I just installed a 3 link. I was told to open all the bypasses then drive a set course and adjust the tubes as needed to keep from bottoming out or bucking over. Just keep making the same pass until it feels right.

jon coleman

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i would say if they are all closed, the Ride you get should be a base line ' ride', Then open a little at a time, KEEP NOTES!!now, i know a real shock shaolin guru will have the hot scoop,