when should i 4 link?

tyler togonon

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hello im new to the forum and hopefully posting to the right place

im currently having a 2006 gmc sierra built. its getting one off suspension parts so mine will be the first one to test. im cycling 16 inches of travel. hope to fix a few bugs down the road to gain a little more.

my main question is would it be worth it if i was only able to get 16" up front to 4 link the rear? or should i just try to make deavers work?

Josh 8

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16" of travel is we're thing in the front really begin to work well in a racing application. It's over kill for playing around. Now this being said, you are going to have to do a lot of internal and external shock tuning to to extract the hidden performance. This is also going to require that all the associated parts connected to the front suspension are up to speed like the steering.

If all is correct with the front end and you have the power to move the truck through whoops (450hp +), Deavers won't keep up. It would be time to link.

But you gotta be honest with your self. Don't make the step with stock steering components. And don't do it it with out a good cab cage.

tyler togonon

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by the time the build is done ill have the power and drivetrain strength to properly hit some whoops. does howe or any other brand make a steering rack compatible with my truck or would i have to some extra work to make the rack fnction properly?