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Where are all the hot Pre Runners

Hey Tyrant3, where do ya'll go out to run around El Paso?? I'm pretty limited here in Midland with a small 3 section parcel my company owns the land on, but you gotta be pretty mild and its not like being at an OHV park in Socal for sure lol.

Btw, shameless plug here, but Ive got an 07 NNBS Ext Cab 2wd with a 5.3 and Texas Edition interior for sale if you're interested. Pretty much stock, and I willing to deal it for pretty cheap. Let me know if you're interested.
We pretty much pre run everywhere were talking about a dessert based developing city so its not hard to find off road. Some major spots are Red sands, this spot called the wall. Im finding constrution sites to be the most fun for now but its sucks cause they are developing all the land out here with walmarts and apartments so were loosing lots of dezzert. Ive been goin up to new mexico but its more about rockcrawling than pre up there. Its no socal, and I feel like im the only one aside from these kids and border patrol with their raptors(lame) trying to pre out here.

I wont be ready for a new truck for a while longer thanks though


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its a work in progress, rt now i have DirtKing MT kit with shock hoops and some 8x2.5 KINGS up front, moving up to LT kit next month and plans to link and fully cage it after this summer.



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added a light rack with (5) 8" lights, i think im going to cut the light rack a lil to fit the lights better, will be cheaper than buying lights again :/



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^^^ Well hard to follow that lol.
Here is my new project. 2010 6.2L crew cab. Dirt King Fabrication long travel kit with 2.5 10" FOA coilovers and bypasses up front, 17x9 method standards,39 projects, 5.13 gears and locker, bumped and strapped at 18.5. Doing a ruff stuff 9" and bedcage next with 3.5 18" FOA bypasses and C85. I'm caging and linking it next summer though.

Here she is currently but ALOT is about to change. She's a 6.0 LS swapped 4l80e fully built rear end with a Yukon Grizzly full float locker, east coast gear master rebuild kit and yukon 4.56 gears. 4.5 over on 3" lift spindles. Hiemed moly steering, custom uniballed arms and leafs out back that are tired as hell. Add a leaf put in to keep them from sagging. However I've got a beam setup and 4 link, all with 3 piece 1.25 moly FK hiems and teflon seals. Going to be running 14" fox 2.5 triple bypass resies and 14" fox 2.5 coilovers on all 4 corners. One of my best friends (10+ year friendship) and mechanic blew the rear end "on the dyno" and shipped it to the differential guy so I could pay him to rebuild it. when I got her back she was down a cylinder and the asshat wouldn't talk to me, blocked my number and blocked me on facebook. However I got a free TiAL 50mm wastegate and 74mil turbo from him before SHTF. That will be going on my 1993 GMC Typhoon. The 6.0 in the BattleWagon is getting a full build with arp hardware, wiesco turbo pistons, not sure what rods yet but the whole 9. Also she's getting a 76mil 91ar BW S475 from I belive bullseye power. It's brand new never spooled and came with my motor in another typhoon (irony). We'll I'll save the rest for a build thread and post how she sits now.

Thanks for taking a look. Aside from the complete drive train swap she's pretty run of the mill As prerunners go. But once the 6 over beams, 4 link and caging is finished and that turbo is whis thing like whistle tips (da whistles go WOOOOOO) then a PSSSSHHHHHT at the end, she won't be so run of the mill. God this truck will be fun to load up friends, camping equip and hit the lake to ruin some fishes days.