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Where are all the single buggies??


would there be any interest to race at Primm on the corr track next year
I would be very intrested ill ask some of the guys that raced last year and see what they say. I honestly don't understand why the car count is so low when so many cars are sitting. The entry fees or $175 and Lee poppy put on an amazing show with the Lucas regionals. They even have a desert 1600 class which is the only reason I learned about the Lucas regionals, we were tired of our desert car sitting for years due to the high cost of engines and entry fees. You could run a desert car in this series all year long on one prep which made it appealing to us. I ended up biting the bullet and built a limited buggy but still wouldn't hesitate to take my 2 seat desert car out there and throw it around the course. Some of the most fun racing I've done in a long time.

harleys dad

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The real question is...has anyone built a new one in recent years?

You can buy a near, fun/race, ready UTV for, between...15-20 grand. Your not going to win national events...but you can get out there, get experience while having fun.

Add in...that it's easier to sell a UTV to sponsors...Single Buggy has a lower profile. On a related note aren't there nearly twice as many events for UTV?

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I do not think so, completly stock rzrs maybe but no way race ready cars


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I do not think so, completly stock rzrs maybe but no way race ready cars
I’ve seen raced/race ready UTV’s in the midwest for sale for 17-25k, and quite a few too.