Where are you racing next?


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Wondering where the next good turnout will be?

Last weekend was my first race at the MORE 500 and I didnt get too far. So my car is pretty much ready to roll as soon as I change the carb. My race went something like this.

As soon as I got off the line and in 3rd gear my motor started to cut out:mad:. I thought it was me tripping out at first but soon realized that i wasnt. Everytime I got in the rough the motor would flood out I thought? :confused:I soon realized that I had to really P.foot it and knew that it would be a long day. Basically, I absolutely had no momentum at all. Finally at mile 5ish the motor died on me and I had to sit for a couple minutes to restart it. At mile 8 Rick St. John told me I only had 1 psi of fuel pressure (adjusted it to 3psi and sent me going again). By this time all the 11's were by me and I started charging hard only to have the same problems.The only time I was able to hold it down was the fast flat section after mile 14. The car died on me around 8 more times, and the last time I was blocking the track so I decided I would find powerline road and bring her home. I got off course alittle to avoid blocking the track again and ended hitting a 2' sharp ledge:eek: (bonehead move) that sent me partially inverted and sideways(instant nose bleed) but luckly i saved it haha. I was very suprised the car handled/survived the big hit. That also made my mind up about buying a HNR!! I finally found powerline road and took it to camp where we messed with it alittle and my cousin Art got in and wanted to get some seat time (we new there was no possible way of finishing). Only to have a similar problem arise. So we decided to save it for the next race. But all in all it was a fun weekend hanging out and watching some awesome racing. The course was bitchn with alittle bit of everything. See you in the Dez.

Congrats to the Lang Team!


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Chili Cook-off baby! :D

I will be pitting until then :(