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where can i get my beams bent?


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Do not know if I have been calling or talking to the right people or not? But where can I get Ranger / Explorer 2WD beams bent in the So Cal area?. Sbdno, Riv, Orange? Thanks.

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East County Alignment does beams in Lakeside CA(near Santee, you know where the kids shoot up schoools?!)
The only issue with bending your beams is it actually decreases the width of the front end. Think of a pair of scissors and now open them up farther. Plus the radius arms will move down in an arc so your travel is decreased. you see some weird tire wear and the bump steer is awful.
The best bet would be a set of beams that have been widened/ and or the Auofab kit that EVERYONE sells as theres (although Camburg does bend their own) It comes with a set of bent beams that are aligned correctly, and a set of slightly lengthened radius arms that are set for correct caster.

check out http://www.autofab.com
http://www.advanceoffroad.com (they make widend ones that are reasonably priced)

been there done that on my previous 2 Rangers( 85/88)


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give aj a call at the baja shop, they do alot of that stuff (714) 279-0778

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