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Where to race a 350Z in Southwest??

Erik Irvine

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Hey Road Racers…I am new to the road scene (been racing off-road for 10 yrs now). I have a 2006 350Z I am getting ready to retire as my daily driver, and I wanted to dump between $5,000 & $10,000 in it and go racing. I plan to do all required fabrication myself. What style/type of racing should I look into? I was imagining closed-course lap style racing, but I don’t know what’s out there. Anybody know of a southwest (CA, AZ etc) series I can look into? I would like to keep overall cost <$10,000 per year for entry and vehicle maintenance (not including getting to the races, tools, trailers etc). Thanks for the 411! –Erik Irvine
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El Mamito USMC

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I live just outside of Phoenix AZ. Thanks for the links, I'll check them out

Sean At CBM

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Sign up for the Speed Ventures news letters. They have about 4 tracks here in SoCal that they run specials on. These are just a run for fun deal. If you want to get serious, start with the SCCA and learn the car. They have probably 10 different classes that your car will fall into. Pick which ever suits you and your car best. Most of the SCCA events are run at the CA Speedway and Willow Springs. You will see me there in a few months once my car is done!