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All right, I'm gonna go down and watch the Baja 1000, but what I need to know is there anywhere I can park it on the beach and watch? I'm trying to make it a surf/off-road trip so my buddies will go with me...Does it go by any well known beaches? Any info is appreciated.
Dude, you gotta check out erendira which is about an hour south of santo tomas which in turn is about 2 hrs south of ensenada. Not sure if the race course will be going through there this year but that will be your best bet if it is. If youre still interested in that spot send me an email and ill give directions on how to get there.

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actually, the best place to watch the race is from the codriver seat......
the driver is too busy....

when everything is under control, you are going to slow!!!!!


Erendira is a good place to camp and watch but there isn't any real surf there. I camped there in '98 and it looked like there was a break about a mile or so outside. Maybe a reef or something. It wasn't very big. Only other break was ankle high on the rocky shore. It's a real nice place to camp and watch. No real hardcore off-roads to drive in order to get there. Unless you feel like starting in Santo Tomas and following the old course down to Erendira. We did that trek at night and it was definitely fun! Make sure you go with someone who knows Baja if you are going to do something like that because you travel through farming land and some farmers will get pissed! Have fun.

Actually the place i was talking about is about 30 minutes north of the town, following the race course. You're prolly thinking about the town spot where the killer drop-off is at and there are also 6 crosses (right before the fishing camp).
The place I was talking about is like 30 mins north, heading north towards santo tomas. The waves are not the greatest but they are the best youll get. As far as the action youll see, its all graded road, theres a cattle crossing there but other than that its all wfo. If you go with someone who knows the area theres some nice places to spectate that are not too far from there (steep drop-offs, silt, a couple whoops, etc). I guess some people call that beach spot punta cabras. We've camped there, although not for the races, for many years.
good luck

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Drive down Hwy 1 to Km 77 then turn right onto a dirt road. You'll drive awhile, say 8 to 10 miles till you hit the town of Erendira. Watch your speed going through there, the cops will bust you !!!!!! You'll have a full day of surfing, because the vehicles won't be going through there until after dark. So be prepared to see bright lights going by you @ 80 to 100 MPH... Have fun, Be Safe......