Where Would You Have Your Ashes Spread?


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Slow Thursday in the office so I'm just throwing this out for entertainment: If you could have your ashes spread anywhere and on any course in the off-road racing world...Mexico, California, Nevada, etc, where would it be at??


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the trails around Mammoth, and Laurel Lakes.


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at sea, and it will happen, I am retired Navy


George of the Jungle
There's a couple spots on the Caliente course that are cool. Or up in the back of Buckwheat pass.


Wham Spore
Put my ashes in a big salt shaker mounted upside down on the back of a TT running the B1K, peninsula run! TT to be driven by Rob Mac or Larry Roeseler to ensure a finish :)


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La Rumorosa, halfway down the old wagon trail, its in my will...:)

Mike @ pit b

A little bit of everywhere. Out in the ocean since I grew up and live here in Hermosa. A few local MX tracks. Out in Jawbone Canyon/ Redrock where I learned to ride. Then some of me down in Mexico.


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I have already established that my ashes are to be spread in the Funeral Potatoes, and everyone is to be told of this fact after they've eaten. :D I will have the last laugh!

But on a Course, My ashes would be spread Via Class 11 all over 'Easy Street' at Jackpot.


I would mind we sprinkled in the desert or getting pumped through a race motor :D


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Pleasant to think about what's really in that silt, that blows over the hood, and into your helmet vents, eh?


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PIPELINE, Oahu, HI and Mikes Sky Rancho. 1/2 and 1/2!!!


Nimrod de PMC
kinda funny story, we were going to spread my grandpas ashes in the river (he raced boats) and at the hunting camp. but my aunt liked having him around so she drove around with him buckled up in the back seat. swear to god.... were a lil okie...


Rescue 3
Oh Man, this is a great topic! Now be advised that all of you reading this are my witness to my wishes. My husband thinks I'm a total nut but hey, what else is new.

I have told him for years, when I go DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON ANY TYPE OF SERVICE FOR ME! That is just a total waste of greenbacks. I told him I want to be cremated and spread from the deserts of CA into Mexico. He will have to find someone with a really fast truck/car because this will be the only time in my existance where I will have had the opportunity to go flyin through my favorite places on earth. Have a party in the dez, BBQ, laugh and remember me for the nut I am (or was).

And last but not least, don't be sad when I'm gone because there is nothing you can do about it.