Wheres my 4runner!!! Cody Krueger owes $$$


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OK heres my original toyota from 2002 (Its a 1990 4runner) that I had done up and I sold this to Cody Krueger Neutral zone motorsports out of vegas and well he owes me $5k still and its been several years. He supposedly is out of prison now so Im looking for my truck or parts or $ from him.

Truck was hauled to a local he has in mexico apparently and he bought Tim carols old truck as well as was racing it before he got a free pass to the striped resort.

If anyone has any information Id appreciate it, I had some communication when he was in prison and then he didnt respond to anything.

It had 2 sets of champion beedlocks as well as baja tas, bilstein 4 tube bypass rear, with coilovers front and rear, bilstein 4" hydraulic bumps, strange nodular housing, ricnmond gears, full spool, daytona bearing pack 1310 yolk, superior axles, ford 9" rear, linked rear, fuel cell, pumper, seats, straps, harness, petes motor from this end up racings old truck, optima batterys, it was fully built etc.... It was full loaded and it occured to me to try and post it here as my first intro into desert running as well as possibly someone has info.... Build was done at unlimited motorsports, sean giordano and chris shell.



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Hate to say it but if you let your truck go before you got full payment it's kind of on you. Bummer deal for sure though.