Wheww!!!!! Robby!!!!


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I was on pins and needles! Good job Robby!!!!!
Jeff should shut up. he was saying yeah i could have done it but i didnt need to because im ahead in points so i let him have it. i wanted to cry along with him when he said it. Childress needs to relax a bit to. over the raido today he prety much came out and said dont wreck. i gota crazy feeling that wasnt in Robbys stratgy.


sweet... wish I would have tv to watch the race...good job.


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Awesome win for Robby...especially considering he had a hand in the design of the car.

I liked the commentary at the end..."Robby had a lot to do with the deisgn of this car" followed by one of his guys saying "yeah he told us where to bend all the tubing and then had his welders weld it together"

JG can eat pecker with his comment...."I was faster then him all day, I just couldn't pass him"


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Funny how Kevin didn't like a taste of his on medicine....Kevin, Rob owed you that one.....hehe. Good Job Robby !!!


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That was a great race!Damn glad to see Robby finally take the win at Sear's Point .That place owed him one.


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Maybe you guys missed it, but Robby was saying Jeff was faster than himself ( RG) as well, no offense to Robby though, he ran an excellent race. Go easy on me though guys, I have always been a #24 fan.

P.S. That comment was not to make any disrespect towards Robby, he deserved that win hands down.


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I watched the whole thing live from a seat at Turn Two at Sears Point. WHAT A RUSH! Robby dominated that entire race. Jeffy boy drove a good race but he couldn't catch Robby in the last 20 laps, or he would have. Numero 24 drove a "clean" race because he wasn't fast enough this time to do otherwise. Seeing Robby slice past four guys late in the race like they were orange pylons was incredible. What's more, "road race expert hired guns" like Boris Said and Scott Pruett were also somewhere back in the crowd at the final flag. When Robby wins he does it decisively. Congrats, Robby!


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The Car Robby was driving was built 3 years ago in Robbys shop in Anahiem by Team Gordon. Good Job Rob......


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“If Robby was as fast under green as he was under caution, he'd win a lot of these things. Anybody who races back under caution like that. I don't know where his mind is that. What he did to his teammate is ridiculous.” Jeff Gordon said.

Or in other words "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"


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as if Kevin didnt take a turn way too fast , lock'em up force Robby out , allowing Ron to take the lead . Kevin has no room to talk either .

Jeff talks alot but all i hear is BLAH BLAH BLAH !!


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And wasn't it Harvick who a couple years back at Sears Point, while running a lap down, got fresh tires and knocked Robby out of the race while Robby was leading......if so, Richard Childress outta kick Harvick to the curb for his all around bad behavior. Mr. Goodwrench he ain't.

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