which aftermarket fuel pump for my Ranger?


I want to install my 22gal. Jaz fuel cell in the reaar of my 94 V-6 4.0 ranger, but Im having a problem with which fuel pump to get. Summit sells some for around $100, but what PSI or GPH would be best for my truck . Please advise, Thank You.


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I know Bosch makes one that I run on my sandrail it was about $200 bucks your gonna need a high pressure pump around 65psi then use a regulator to bring it down to what ever ford runs their fuel pressure at around 42psi if I had to guess. Just make sure what ever you buy is HIGH pressure not a 7psi mallory pump for a 4 barrel carb.


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Dude, My buddies ranger has the 4.0 L with a 30 Gal. Fuel Cell, and his fuel pump is a stock Honda Accord fuel pump, and it works great. Oh Yeah, and pulling 35 inch Projects with 17" beadlocks...


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Stock Ford EFI'd F-250. It's frame rail mounted.
Or Merkur XR4ti, also frame rail mounted (under Drvr rear seat on bottom of car). According to the then SVO guy @ SEMA it will support the fuel needs of a hot 5.0 SEFI. Found my pair @ the junkyard. They come bundled in a bracket that also holds the filter.


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If you need an intank pump...

I can hook you up for free. I have a bunch laying around the shop, they can support about 250 whp. But if you need an external, this will not work. let me know if you need one, [email protected]

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