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Which class will win the over-all at the Baja 500?

What class does RDC pick to win the over-all at the 2001 Baja 500?

  • Trophy Truck

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  • Class One

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  • A Motorcycle Class

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  • Snowballs have a chance in Hell this year (other)

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It depends on who's there for the 500 in Trophy Truck????? If nobody really intresting shows up, Troy Herbst (Class 1) will probably be there. But I still think Herbst Trophy Truck will be a player, also
you can't count Robby Gordon out if he's running............


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The Herbst will blow the doors off Robby the Herbst drive their car all year. Robby races the street stuff and comes back a couple times a year to race. The Herbst are comfortable with their truck and are fast as hell.



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