Which Gears?


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I put 35's on my f-150 about 2 months ago and want to change gears now. I was looking into getting 4.30 to get my truck a little lower than stock and I was talking to a guy at a party who goes 4X4 ing and he said that I should run 4.56's. He thought I would be content with 4.30's but said I would love 4.56's. I do about 30% of my driving at about 75-80 on the freeway. Would the 4.56 cause me to tach too high. I did a search and found some guys laid down some charts about ratios and it was a little over my head and was wondering what you guys thought. I have a 99 F-150 4.6L, auto(4R70W). Would love any help and thanks.


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I would say go with the 4.56 ratio . I really don't think you'd be able to tell the difference to tell you the truth , but a little higher ratio is usually better for larger heavier tires . The difference between the 4.30 to the 4.56 is about 200 rpm in final drive for your truck , so like I said go with the 4.56 .

Dan Vance


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I 2nd Dan...go 4:56 you won't need OD till you hit 65/70 MPH ...I would also think about 4:86 / 4:88 the 4.6's tend to take a little more RPM than the 5.0........Just my backwoods Cracker a$$ opinion....


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usually its better to go a little lower { higher #) gear to help with the heavier tires and wheels. 456 should be great.


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Thanks guys. I was leaning towards the 4.56 and now I know that I am going to get them. Thanks for all the input.


Jerry Maguire
I have the same motor/trans and put 4.56's in it and it works great. You'll be happy.