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Which race is most fun to drive?

Wendell #527

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I agree. Baja Norte beach section is always fun in the cobblestones right off the beach. Around Mikes Sky Ranch was always fun too. I also liked the old mint 400 up in Moapa. That was a fun course—people said it was rough but it wasn’t rough compared to Barstow. Wait. The Vegas to Reno course up in the pine trees was always fun. Man. Tough question. I guess it depends on the year.




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In Mexico, Todd Elam marks some great race courses with SADR in rocky point, pure fun.
In US, Caliente and V2R for me, just love the variety of terrain.


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1) Anywhere in Baja (except Zoo road) prefer Santo Tomas to San Quintin, Mikes loop & S.F. wash sections 2) Parker 3) Caliente

Dave Cole 4454

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I love the section from the Mission outside of Loreto over to the Pacific side.

Mikes road

Pine Forest

Erendira north to Santo Tomas

MDR course along the Base Boundary in JV

The pacific side way into La Paz

Norra route through Las Barrieles

Basically every Norra route from La Paz to Cabo

jon coleman

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if i had to pick a baja route, Everything!, only got to co ride 1k, 500 , 250, & what i saw is way funner looking to actually drive than a barstow course, still looking for winning lotto ticket$$

Zac Reish

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I did Parker for the first time last year and have done about 900 in Baja. Baja is special and challenging at times. Parker overall has been the most fun. Ridgecrest is super fun and challenging but is hammered.


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Baja 1000 section from San Felipe-Cocos- BoLA- El Arco- Viscaino.
At night, in the day, rain or fog this section so much fun to drive.