Which race is most fun to drive?


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The various Races the have been run in the areas near Pahrump and Beatty Nevada to me offered The best fun to challenge ratio. The Terribles Towne 250 was one of my Favorites. Not sure why we stopped racing that area.


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I did Parker for the first time last year and have done about 900 in Baja. Baja is special and challenging at times. Parker overall has been the most fun. Ridgecrest is super fun and challenging but is hammered.
Ridgecrest used to be my favorite but some parts are hammered. Others have been bladed and smooth as hell when I was there last month. Caliente is a blast as well.


Yes, the Old Virginia City 200 from VORRA was a great little course with the Big Hill, the Ma Bell posts, 6 mile canyon, etc... It was a 20 mile loop that went down Main Street every lap and you did 10 of them.
Dang, that sounds amazing. I just moved to the bottom of 6 Mile, a race up there would be badass.


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Of the current races course the Silverstate 300 is my favorite. Then I would say Laughlin is second.

SS300 is more of a drivers course and not just how bad you are willing to beat yourself and your truck up like Parker or the Mint.

Laughling for me is fun just because we have raced there a lot and I know the course now. It would be even more fun if we won there. Haha.

I think I laughed, cheered more, and high fived my co driver more at the SS300 course than anywhere.



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PARKER...... when we did California side(1 LAP) Starting right at bridge and then went to AZ side (2 Laps) Restart at river in town


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I think I laughed, cheered more, and high fived my co driver more at the SS300 course than anywhere.
Yes, I love that! That's what I mostly aim for when designing course. Gotta have a few beat em up sections in there, but lots of fun miles in between.

C.J. Hutchins

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Im with Mike! SS 300 is a drivers course, most technical race stateside for sure. There are more turns in 300 miles at silver state than 550 miles at V2R.


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thats my next adventure, are there any 23 race hours later at 3 am silt beds??
23 hour days can happen anywhere. same with 3 am silt beds. They made it 5 days to give you more time each day to make it in mostly before dark. And they give you a beer or a shot at the finish line. And the girls dance.


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Any one catch the hype up just before the Coca-Cola 600 Sunday? They called it the 'Longest Race in the World' I guess they figure no other race Orgs are gonna survive the CoVid?!