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Which Tig Welder?

Hi all. I'm sure this has been asked somewhere, but after a quick search, I didn't find anything. I'm in the market for a used Tig welder. I would like to stay under $2k. (Ideally including bottle and accessories).What are your opinions on the best bang for that amount of buck. I would be welding mostly .120 wall or thinner tube, and occasionally maybe 3/8" thick plate at the most. Any suggestions on specific models and why would be a great help.

baja stu

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I have had great luck with my Miller Syncrowave 250 DX. Used with a bottle was $2k. I had a Miller Econo Tig that I outgrew.


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I have a Miller Syncrowave 250DX and a Miller Diversion 180. Both are awesome machines.
I know this is an old thread but I'd like to know what else people use for tig. I'm in the market like the op. I know how to tig just wandering if people would recommend a specific machine over another or if they have a specific machine to steer clear of.

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You will have no problems with Miller and Lincoln welders as parts and service are easily available. Esab is a good brand just research the model first before buying. I personally have a L-tec 360 that is no longer made and I love it! It is without a doubt the best GTAW transformer welder I have ever used. I have used both lincoln and miller and neither of them weld as good as my machine. I bought my machine because it was cheap and came with everything. Only down side is there aren't internal parts readily available if they need replacing. But the local welder repair shop can have them repaired, so it isn't that bad.

On a side note Union Carbide welders were sold to Linde, who was then sold to L-tec, who was then sold to Esab, so the first ESAB welders were all L-tec machines. L-tec were commercial welders for large industry so they were and are built to last.

The new inverter welders are very good and are much smaller and use less power. I have only used a Miller Dynasty 700 once before and it was pretty nice.