Whiplash MidNight at the Oasis


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Under a setting Mexican sun, only 2 racers in Class 9 took the green. In fact, only 23 pro class racers showed up at all. Whiplash did their best to keep this race a secret from everyone. But, still a few made the trip south of the border to keep themselves moving up in points.

In Class 9, Nollan and Debbie Blackwell brought their "Short Fused" 9 car with new Kings down to vie with Tim Hayosh (951) in the FormulaNine.com car...with new transmission! The Blackwell's were first off the line following about four 5-1600's. Nollan had caught up the first couple of the bugs within the first 15 miles. Similarly, the 951 car was bumping and passing our full bodied brothers in the early stages of this race.

Just before "Hole in the Fence", the FormulaNine car caught and passed the Blackwell's. Passing Hole in the Fence, there is a long flat stretch that goes for about 8 miles. After this, we we're dumped onto a beautiful graded road for about 1-2 miles. Heading west we then got to the first checkpoint, and took a 90* right to run parallel to the highway. We threaded our way north between power poles, ditches, pits, fences and broken glass.

The next section was another long graded road that right past a rancho. After the rancho, we all took turns getting lost in this incredibly poorly marked section. Once navigated, we were in some very soft sand that eventually lead us to a mountain road. Just before reaching this point, the 951 car passed the leading 5-1600 car. So, up the twisting mountain road. Easily one of the funnest parts of the race. When the mountain road ended, it was back to sand.

It was about at this point, the 951 car spotted ex-Class 9 driver Ray Newton stuck just off the course. 951 tried to push Ray out, but was getting seriously stuck himself. Trying to get out of there, Ray (or Co-driver) pushed 951 back across the track. It was at this time that we felt the collison of that class leading 5-1600 and all that could be seen was the underside of his car as it sheared all the lights off the passenger side. He ended up on his side. The co-driver of 951 may have taken a hit to the head from the 5-1600's rear tire. It was kinda ugly. Once we were sure nobody was hurt, we all rolled the 5-1600 back over and got moving again.

South to the "beach." Crossing the railroad tracks, we headed straight into the sun. It was brutal. Couldn't see much of anything. This is mostly a 1st gear sort of area with super soft sand and silt deep enough to choke a monster truck. Just a couple of miles before start/finish, 951 encountered the mighty class 8 of Mike Dougherty. We slowed to see if anyone was hurt, then the co-driver produced a tow strap. When we did the math, 50hp in a 1400lb car just didn't add up to pull their stuck class 8. Sorry Mike. Then, back to start/finish. 100 miles.

First lap for 951 was about 2:36:23. After the start/finish line, everyone pitted. Nollan and Debbie had a really fast pit putting in fuel and another co-driver. 951 pitted and had to change a left front tire (no idea how long it was flat!), cut off the wires from the lights that were ripped off, and re-hydrate the occupants. Back at it.

Lap 2 had far less action. Positions remained the same as the first lap. The obvious difference was the need for lighting. 951 did the race with only 2 lights due to contact on lap 1. The Blackwell car started with 6. Shortly after flipping the switch, a fire erupted in Nollans instrument panel. He turned everything off except the motor. When the switches were off, the fire went out.Turning things on one by one, Nollan ran the rest of the race using only the lower lights. The short was isolated to the upper lights.

The second lap was extremely exciting as the split times were nearly consistant at 2 minutes. Nollan could see the bright amber of the 951 car in the distance. Not happy about that, 951 stepped on it in the mountain road. By the time we got down to the beach (railraod tracks) the split was 9 minutes. And that's the way it stayed.

Although the second lap felt a lot faster and had no out-of-car experiences, it was 10 minutes slower for both cars.

A post race inspection of 951 revealed that the tie rod on the side of the impact with the 5-1600 was now "J" shaped. That may account for the slower time on the second lap.

Even though Whiplash admitted they did a poor job of marking the course, we all had fun. 100% finishing rate for Class 9! None of the 5-1600's were able to complete both laps, but none of them were able to beat Class 9 on the first lap.


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Thanks Mike. That shot is a single frame of video shot by the beach section. You can see the damage to the passenger-side lighting. We got a lot of really good video from this section and the north bound highway section since the course was right next to the road. This proved very helpful for pitting too.