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Whiplash Point to Point


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Just wanted to congradulate the humble webmaster of Formulanine.com, Tim Hayosh, on his win at the Whiplash Point to Point race! Also clinching the Whiplash Class 9 season Championship!!! Well done Mr. Hayosh!


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iGracias amigo!

The finishing order was:
Tim Hayosh 951 1st place 3:58:xx (14th O/A)
Brad Leaky 911 2nd place 4:2x:xx
Nollan Blackwell 991 DNF
Paul Matthews/Jim Mansfield 944 DNF

Unoffical info includes: Nollan rolled and busted a ring and pinion. Paul/Jim stripped out the studs on a rear drum ( flat tire).

No time to download pix out of the camera yet...maybe tonight. Also I have some great pix of the CODE race last weekend. Once the website is updated with this info, I'm outta here! Mike Hinson is the new webmaster of FormulaNine.com. Contact info and details on this to follow.

Anyone who says desert racing is not a team sport never won a championship.

Extra muy especial thanks to Kenneth Montijo.


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I guess I will let you it slide that you forgot before then! Congrats man, NO one works harder for it.

Kenneth N2wishN
See you in Baja!