whiplash race results


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doe anyone have results form the whiplash race?????
also i believe there is a fuel cell maker in Phoenix, any one know the name or # ?

when everything is under control, you are going to slow!!!!!


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Ceasar Furentes - Won Class 1 and the overall, followed by Ruben Woods
Ron Dalke - Won Class 10 and 2nd overall - only by 18 seconds against Steve Melton

In 5/1600
6 starters

1 - Mike Kellog
2 - Tom Lake
3 - Don Johnson
4 - Rick Sanders

In 1/2-1600
13 starters

1 - Kurt Brewer
2 - Bobby Altamarino
3 - Ray Newton
4 - Mark Miline
5 - Mike Leung

In Class 8
18 ( I think) starters

Don Kolt was listed as the offical winner but i heard that Gary Dirks protested the results and now I'm unsure of the winner


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Ron 2nd overall in a Score Lite! Bet he had his hands full keeping Steve back. Congrats to Ron and all that raced