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Whiplash: Rock-to-Rock


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A quick post.

The Rock-to-Rock was a very fun, sandy event. Great weather. A couple of pleasant surprises at the start line. There were four cars taking the green in class 9. First off the line was Tim Hayosh 951. Next Nollan and Debbie Blackwell. Brad Leaky in the Tatum/Steath/Phoenix Fire Dept #911 was third. And late entry number 999 Joe Sheble was fourth. Joe got sick the night before, so his prep guru Rob Kisner, brother of Andy, took the wheel. The action was exciting right from the start. Passing all the 5-1600's on the first of 2 100 mile laps, the number 951 never saw another Nine car all day-until "the end". (More on that in a minute). The Blackwells # 991 suffered a pit mis-communication, and was not fully fueled. It took several hours for their chase crew to catch up with additional gas. Unfortunately, Mr. Ragland with his friend "Arnold" had gotten by them. Whiplash's goofy "Grand Prix finish" rule prevented the Blackwells from going out for lap 2. Brad Leaky's day was short too. We never got word on what put them out. The chase crew for 951 reported that the 911 never made "Hole in the Fence" at RM 22.

By the end on lap one, 951 had about 8 minutes on the Sheble/Kisner car. By RM 22, the lead was 10 minutes. The second lap was far easier to navigate, since all the slower cars had been passed. Things were going great until at mile 83 (of 98.2) an ugly metal-on-metal sound was heard from the back end of 951. Upon inspection, a flat right front was found. The chase crew was right there, thanks to Kenneth Montijo of Team Geronimo! A quick tire change and off. The noise didn't go away. So, the last dozen or so miles of sand whoops were done in first gear. With only a mile left, a jubilant Rob Kisner and co-pilot "Johnny" passed the crawling 951. Congrats to the Arizona boys.

No time to down load pictures. Gotta find out what was grinding in the transmission. Pix to ffollow...

Great race.

iGracias a Tecate!


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No problem dude!, glad to be there for you.


Kenneth N2wishN


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Just back from the transmission shop. That swingaxle got so hot it melted the "flower-shaped" plastic spacers. As a result of the extreme heat build-up, the semi-synthetic oil failed. Basically, no lubrication, even though there was plenty of fluid. The Ring gear was rounded over, and the Pinion had deep gouges at the point of contact. Both Side gears were fractured and one axle was cracked. Both axle over-tubes were cracked. Haven't even seen the inside of the gear box yet....DOH!

Don't let this happen to you!!!