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Whiplash Snowflake


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Anyone have any results on the Whiplash Snowflake race. Particularly Class 8. How many entries were there in 8? Were there 20 as projected. Who won? Any results if you have them.


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the scoring can not be any lousier than MDR

when everything is under control, you are going to slow!!!!!


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Hey Jim, You ought to run some BITD races next year. There are always between 7 and 10 class 8 trucks. Really good payout and contingency, and are a heck load of fun.. Try one out. The pre runs are almost as fun as the race itself. Just one big party.



I talked to a couple of friends this weekend about the MDR scoring and they all agreed that you should have won the class8 instead of Eric Haiden (sp?).

Did you talk to Patricia for a protest or to get the issue taken care of ?

In any event I want to let you know that there are people out there that acknowledge you as the true winner of the last MDR race in class8.


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Right on Klaus, Jim worked so hard to accomplish what he did and with the talented help of Joe and Mike and the rest of the crew he has been very professional about the outcome of that MDR night. I was in curious amazement of that organizations' scoring and post tech. Why do they impound a class 1 car? I respect the MDR rules but fail to understand the need to impound an unlimited car and not allow the mechanic to be with the car at that time. 2 decades and learning every day.