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Pardon me for interrupting this "Five star tread", But what is wrong with this picture?
Jumping fire on bike with shorts?
Pallets with nails (sure you picked them all up)
Looks like a new fire ring (I don't see any fire ring)?
After destroying TV, Im sure you brought it home with you.
At least you were smart enough to put on a helmet.

regarding the "five star tread"........ i never said that the image depicted was either smart or responsible. ive done alot of dumb crap in my life and have deffinetly grown up ALOT since then. i realize your point and am sorry if ive offended you with the image. and just so you know, i no longer burn wood with nails or staples in it or t.v.'s for that matter. also, shortly after that time a took a header on my bike in shorts and ripped a 2in. dia. x 3/8in. hole on my left knee and cracked my patella. so now we were knee pads and proper riding pants. life is about making mistakes and learning from them, once again i appologize for posting a picture that showed so much disreguard for responsibility, but i just came across it after not seeing it for a few years and thought it would be funny.


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Wayne, settle down its just a picture from back in the bay if you didnt do stupid stuff like this and grow up from your mistakes then I would call you a boring tree hugger!


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hay hoser..........thanks for the credit on taking that picture, i still have a copy sitting on my bar lol
ohh yes, you cant deny the sweetness that is a 2wd yota with a bodylift and 31" BFG's goin big. niieeece! gotta love the highschool days.


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the drivers side was actually the first non-rubber part to hit the ground
i was at the top of third gear on a graded road and droped in to a large wash
i flew directly across and g-loaded on the other side
this sent me up high and off the road landing directly on the drivers side then into cartwheels bumper to bumper
there was a lot of a and b piller damage
i put on a spare kicked out the windshield and drove it home from el marage (yes i know the pics are on a trailer)
later i bought a cab from camburg and i built it into the blue truck on the left
wish i never sold it live and learn