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Who are your 2016 Baja 1000 picks?

Stacked field again this year with a particularly nasty race course. Could be anybody's overall!

Kyle Leduc starting on pole Justin Matney and Robby Gordon behind him....

Voss/Maccachren vs. McMillin/Roeseler is going to be fun to watch.

Baldwin, Tavo, Laguna/Daniel,

For most people, November rings in the beginning of the holidays. For off-roaders, November means it’s Baja 1000 time! The anticipation builds with pre-running, seemingly inevitable course changes, speculation, rumors, until it culminates just like any fight with the realization of the truth that anything can and will happen during the 845 miles of mayhem. The variables are immense. The course is a combination of silt, sand, rock, high speed graded roads, and some pavement littered with live traffic. Although qualifying is critical, it is not everything. It’s going to be a long race with lots of drama guaranteed.

2016 Baja 1000 Prelude - race-deZert.com



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I'll go with

1- Tavo
2- RG
3- LeDuc

I know not much of a gamble but looked at the 500 results and kinda went from there lol ;)

Chris Tobin

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Hard to bet against RG!!! If he runs relatively problem free he'll probably take it. On the other hand it would be cool to see Justin Mattney and the RPM Offroad 4WD take the win!


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RG dnf
BJ dnf

I'm a RG fan.. but he's to aggressive but if the truck stays together look out

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The winner will be starting from the 5th to the 9th spot.

The 10th starter will get 4th. ;) j/k
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Hard to go against Mac/Voss & McMillin/Roeseler...BUT my Vegas win some money bet is going to Justin Matney & Ricky Johnson. Would love to see PAB get it as well.


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Everyone's forgetting about the new tracking system it's a game changer as long as SCORE and RN sticks to the rules. I think it's going to be the closest race ever with an unexpected outcome due to penalties

Short Bus

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How does the 2wd vs. 4wd argument work for B1k?

I think one could argue that the 1000 is less of a sprint than other races, so the 4wd advantage of faster corner and exit speeds might be less important.

On the other hand, over a longer distance and more corners, 4wd could have a chance to build a lot of fractions of seconds into something significant.


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Post/Herbst/LeDuc Overall
McCachren/Voss 2nd
McMillin/Roeseler 3rd
Herbst/Arciero 4th
Herbst/Sourapas 5th

Chris Tobin

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The last time RG won the 1000 was a decade ago. I would say that it is hard to bet against Rob Mac or Bebo.
Good point Harry, but I guess you could also say he is due...

There is soooo much TT talent and quality trucks out there now, it really is virtually anyone's race to win among the top dozen or so drivers. Whoever has the cleanest race or overcomes issues the quickest will take the checkered flag!

I'm pulling for RG, JM and AM... but I will be happy as long as they ALL get home safe and have a good race!!!