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Who Desert Races and lives on the East Coast


Any of you East Coast racers or chasers that want to get your fix of desert racing can attend the www.bajaracingtexas.com CHUPACABRA 300 Sept. 29th. We would love to get more East Coast racers involved with Texas racing. Check out our thread, and we will see you in the dirt!
BRT is awesome guys, you should really think about racing this track. I was a little skeptical before I got out there but it turned out to be legit. And the guys that run the place are top notch. Can't wait for R/R in April 2013!


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There is a team of guys from Jersey who did a few BITD races last year and one baja race on quads. Their screen name here is LivintheDream


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I currently live in the Northern VA/DC metro area and dont race yet but hope to be able to race my truck in 1450 next year for a shakedown and hopefully a handful of SNORE races in 2013.
I also live in Northern Va, and am building a truck for the Mexican 1000. Any input, or direction would be greatly appreciated!!!

Adam McDaniel