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Who else is ticked that CBS didn't show round 8 of LOORS?


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I set a DVR, to record the LOORS round 8 from Ensenada, on CBS Sat. (I was at work). What did I find instead?

Hillary Clinton, announcing her Vice President pick!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot CBS!!!!!! "BLANK"!!!!!!!!!!

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We are sorry about that show getting preempted. I wanted to update you guys and let you know that the Estero Beach, Mexico Pro 4 Pro 2 Round 8 CBS broadcast will re-air on CBS 8/27 1:30 PM eastern pacific time. Also please don't forget that CBS Sports Network will air every race from that weekend as well. There is a new show every Sunday night and this Sunday is Pro 4 Pro Buggy Round 7 from Estero Beach. If you missed it there you can catch all the rounds every Sunday on MAVTV as well, this weekends show is Pro 4 Pro Buggy Round 6 from Tooele, UT. Also please don't don't forget that you can catch all the past race (the past five years) including every race weekend live on the Lucas Oil Racing APP at Lucasoilracing.tv. If anyone has any questions about the TV schedule feel free to shoot me a message here or hit me up at the races. Thank you everyone for watching and supporting the series.

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So happy to hear you like the APP!!!! I will let the team know. By the way my wife calls that eye guzzling :)

Thanks for the support!