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Who has done the Wide Open Baja Experience?


I am going down to Cabo the week of Christmas and I am signed up to do the 1/3 of a day around the track. Has anybody done it? How was it? I'm pretty excited to do this.


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lots of fun , way cheaper than racing . Don't flatten 5 tires in one crash like I did ,along w a few other broken parts !!!


Well the wife and I had a blast. I got a flat half way through the last lap. I told the wife to hop out and get to changing the tire lol. Ok not really, but I got in the radio with my location on the track and the guys came out with a jack and swapped out the tire. I tried to help but they wouldn't let me. My top speed was about 85 mph. The had cold Tecate's for us when we finished. Then a couple tequila shots. We were driven out to the track in a nice suburban. Definitely would do it again.

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