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Who is going to get the new CRF450X and test it out in Baja for us???? Please and Thank You


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I’m a diehard 450 X guy for Baja with about 600 hours on my current bike, 250 on the wife’s. I would love to go into a dealer and buy the new one but that would be not smart to buy the first (IMO) and lack of extra cash. As soon as someone jumps in make sure to keep us updated here hoping to find a used one in three years or so (dreaming).

Tank, pipe, stabilizer, n hand guards I bet would meet my needs. Lighting TBD, Baja designs, any thoughts? And a jump box, the same one I make fun of the orange n white guys using..

PAB, looking forward to seeing the first #BajaHQ prepped 2019 450X!

What does everyone think about it?


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Mine is a 2014 and love it but I would also like to get the new one. It has finally come with fuel injection. Honda 99.9% of the time puts out a great bike. The fuel injection is the same as the CRF 450R has been. I just converted mine to street legal because you can’t ride on any gravel or dirt roads in the State of Washington without getting busted.


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The L? I'm hunting you down Mañana!
I’m very interested in the new X also. Mostly the 6 speed transmission. But.....at the moment I have three X’s prepped and ready for the B1k and won’t be buying anything soon. Hopefully Joe at JCR will have the new bike dialed in very very soon. I spoke to Johnny Campbell at a WORCS race and asked him what were we to do without an X in the lineup for 18 and he said to me with a smile “who says there isn’t an X coming”. I would run a bone stock X with minor suspension work and a bigger tank and it would be plenty for Baja.
I would wait 3 more years to buy the new 450X, next bike should be the old fashion 450X (currently own the XR650R).

My prediction is that we should see a full JCR Honda effort in this years Baja 1000 or next year, or the 7x SLR Honda Team with the new model in this years Baja 1000.

Next year should be a good time to buy carburetor 450x models.

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