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Who is "JEFF SEIFERT" U2 driver

Pro-Lite Brian

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You guys all need to relax a bit! Chuck, Robby and I tried to lighten up things here, but you guys are to busy with your pissing match to see the big picture. It doesn't matter if Brent Hatley wants to fling poo at a Jeff... In our sport, Jeff will have to earn his clout on the track. In the same way, there are skeletons in the closet of many in our sport, but we look past them to see how the racer carries himself on the track and in the pits. Jeff will either become someone or he won't, but either way, enough of the he said, she said BS...

scott creed

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Jeff sits in the stands and watches my kid drive (12yrs old) and comes by the pit afterword just to discuss some ideas he has they mey help us as a team get better, what other pro 2 driver does that. Oh ya buy the way he did win 3 championships this year in trophy karts, its because guys like this have a passion for racing and see talent in other people, whether he is at work or on the track.
Thanks for insight Jeff even if you do like Yamaha's!


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Elite Prerunners is a sham it does not exist it never has and never will. simple fact jeff is simply trying to be a middle man thats it. Elite has 0 employees, Elite does NOT has a place of business,Elite is not even an a california corporation. Elite existsonly in jeffs brain , hell look at the website for your self its nothing than a landing page with 0 information. you speak of marketing materials where are they ???????

you say Jeff started Elite to help Jimmy sell more trucks yeah right if thats the case why did he take the Wietzel MS stickers off his truck ???? thats a great way to show support for your so called freind.i really hope Jimmy reads this post he will see what a TOOL his buddy really is .
if jeff was trying to help jimmy sell more trucks why did JSP post on this site looking for someone to build trucks???????????????? heck heres an idea build your own damm trucks jeff.if you are the ceo of Elite go rent a shop get some fab guys and do it yourself dont ride the coat tails of other shops just trying to stay afloat in this economy.i can only imagine the load of BS jeff gives someone when he is trying to sell a truck

If i buy a chevy truck can i resell it as a brentco truck F no its a chevy . no matter what BS marketing materials i come up with its still a Fn chevy truck . if anyone gives jeff a dollar for an elite prerunner they are just stupid. Jeff you if you are trying to make yourselff look like a dumbass you are doing a great job , whats next a toll free hotline for elite 1-800-elitellc
Hey dirty saw your other post you need to edit the caption where it says elite preunner change it to wietzel prerunner since he the guy who built it and prepped it, shoot while you are at it call it a brentco prerunner i dont mind at all .jeff what makes you think you can sell even 1 new truck when you cant even give away your current elite prerunner ??????


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Boy somebody needs a fresh Diddy! Dude you are so wrong its not even funny!
The Jeff I Met at the Corr races with his son was a class act all the way.
You really need to step off take up your issue that you have in person and not on a public forum.


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Just wanted to take some time and give my two cents on Jeff Seifert. Prior to the Lucas Cup race last week, I didn't know who Jeff Seifert was. If you happened to notice, he was on Goodyear tires at Elsinore and I had a chance to meet and work with him and his crew.

I can't say anything but nice words about the guy. He was very cordial, genuinely interested in what was going on, very enthusiastic and an all around nice guy.

I couldn't help but think about this thread while I was out there and had to make a mental note to reply to it when time permitted.

The funny thing is, we had some DVD's playing at the rig on Friday and one of them was Dezert People (Lucky 7 I think...) Sure enough, there was the footage of the canal jump referenced earlier in the thread.

One thing for sure, the guy has no fear and has a real desire to win races! Jeff…pleased to meet you!

Oh, by the way, I dropped some tires off at the pit and had a good laugh! He had a Carl Renezeder poster taped to the door with a Sharpie speech balloon coming from the truck. It said "Who the hell is Jeff Seifert?"