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who is racing class 8 at the SF250

Ghost Ranger 77

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Congratulations on the finish out there! The truck looked good coming by us. Can't wait to get out there and get in the class 8 mix. It was funny to here you calling out the class 8 key board racers up on the podium.Gonna be late this year or first race of 2016 before ours is done and ready for battle.
Thanks! It was a fun race glad we could make it out and do well!

Kent Kroeker

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Hey, we're racing Gustav at BAP if anyone wants to come out and have some fun. We're entered in UT but we will change that if we can get enough C8's on the roster. NOT going to race it in 1450!



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Well, guess I have a reason to drive the 45 minutes out to stateline and spectate now. I've wanted to see that truck run in person.