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Who Makes the Best 6100 Chassis?

I've been watching this for a while and know that it's a very big class with lots of options. Who makes the best chassis that is fast and easy to maintain? Also, there may be a better one for BITD than SCORE, since SCORE allows larger tires.


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Best Chassis in any class is subjective. There are several great builders out there and their chassis & designs can win with the right people, equipment & finances behind it. What you need to do is; You go to each one of the builders shops that interest you and interview them. See what and how they can support your program. How open are they to making small changes that you need or would like? How much of a relationship do you plan to have with them after the initial build? Will they maintain & prep the truck for you? Can their shop offer that? What relationship do they have with outside vendors that you would use on their chassis? This is how you find the best builder for you. There is a lot more to building a competitive vehicle, and the chassis is just one small part of it.


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Besides the point Nikal made other things to look at are how many people are winning with which ones, who is doing good racing with a similar budget to yours, who has sold one and find out what they think about it now that they dont own it (when the real truth comes out), and finally which one fits your style.

Theres a lot of good trucks running 6100 but only a handful that havent had to have reworks or large adjustments made to them to get results.


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We race 6100,we have watched every single truck builder and their products since the beginning. If i were to order a brand new truck today my first pick would be a mason, second would be a geiser and third would be a camburg.All of these brands make up for most of the winning done to date..I do know the team and the driver have tons to do with the results being put up...but not in all cases as watching them at the laughlin course it was very easy to tell which ones handled better than others.The alumicraft truck will be fast..it has everything needed to run up front...Also be prepared to spend a sheet load on prepping as you're driving on the rev chip most of the race.


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Our fusion 6100 truck works very well!
Laughlin, Saturday We started 25th (last) and finished in fourth place, 40 seconds off the leader . Sunday A rock hit our front limit strap clevis which broke. letting our front arm extend too far ultimately bending a tie rod when we hit a very large hole.

Mint400- Loose Lugnuts took us out of winning the Mint this year.
Last years Mint 400 we gave up the win and finished in second place after I hit somebody a little too hard and had to pull over and pull my front hood off.
AndParker this year we started 40th(last) and finished fourth. Our truck has been in the top 3 or four positions every race for the last few years. Including a 10th overall in trophy truck at the Baja 1000 point run 2 years ago . Brian at fusion off road is a great guy to work with! We are currently building a trophy truck with him right now. Looking forward to having some real horse power and 39" tires !!
Can't wait for next season!

P.S. -The Mason 6100 truck is a great truck as well. Great guys !

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Another manufacturer to look at is Armada, they sure build a beautiful product.


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I think customer loyalty says a lot too. I can think of 4 or 5 Mason customers who have purchased multiple trucks from them and 2 more that will likely buy their second. That says a lot about how the brothers work with their customers. They meet deadlines, are very hands on with the customers and their trucks win races.

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Couldn't agree more with your comment on how Neal and Robert conduct business as it has been a true pleasure working with them. Our Mason 6100 has been a great truck for us in every way possible.


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Our Camburg truck won Parker this year. 2nd at the mint after leading the whole race. 15minute lead on the last lap but a smashed exhaust pipe took us out of the win. 2nd at Henderson after leading the whole race due to a flat 5 miles from the finish. I do the prep on the truck.....Jerry, Jason and the whole crew could not be more supportive and helpful in getting parts quickly and helping in any way possible including race day support. We have finished every race we have entered thus far. Our first race, Parker last year we got third but had 3 flats (getting accustomed to the truck I suppose?) mint last year stuffed the truck pretty hard after trying to make up time after a couple flats, SS300 win, V2R stuck in silt, Bluewater was leading and a ps hose blew day 1, fixed and finished. Day 2 went from 17th to 2nd. Henderson second. I guess while we're at it, culhane, danzio, Camburg, bfg, ultra, Kc, and lake Chevrolet have all been very good to us and very supportive.

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I would say either the new alumicraft or armada. Both build amazing equipment, just need to put in the time to dial truck in to your driving style with good preps and you could possibly make any truck competitive.