Who reads the papers?

Back in the early 80's when I was first writing for the off road press weeklies and monthlies, those papers were the quickest way to hear what happened at the races. ATV News, Cycle News, Dusty Times, Off Road Action News, Off Road America, ON-Dirt Motorsports, etc., were the main sources for race reports. Many are gone now. I still write features for Dusty Times, but don't cover races. Now with the net, we enjoy realtime coverage or at least same day coverage from venues big and small. I never did write that fast anyway. ;)

What do use Dusty Times for nowdays? Sponsor gifts? Want Ad's? Good Stuff Directory?
More detailed coverage? May occassional features?

Thanks in advance.


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I've been getting lots of emails about your post. Perhaps you should read it again and really think about it. There are lots of people I deal with on a daily basis that either don't have a computer or don't go on the internet. They still look forward to their monthly off-road newspapers and magazines and the articles in them.

So to answer your question, the papers are used for the same thing they have always been used for. And have a nice day. :)


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Even though I get on RDC daily, I still enjoy sitting down and reading the new Dusty Times when it comes in. I also get Dirt Sports too! Both make excellent throne reading materials! ;)


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I still enjoy news papers, I am a long time subscriber to National Speed Sport News, Cycle News, and Dusty Times. The net is faster for race results but I always look forward to my weekly rags, (CN and NSSN) And now the Big Wahzoo is back in Dusty Times. I hope papers never go away.


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I love reading the dusty times even though i could get results throught the web, the articles in the dusty are always good to read up on, gets the perspective streight from the racers. I love the sport so much that i get my hands on anything that brings the stories to me. Also a good source for used race cars.
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