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Who still reads print magazines? TEN shutting down 19 of their 22 titles


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He's in Arizona getting old, riding in the desert & bitching.

Basically being Rick


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All I know is that he's selling T shirts, DVD's of old cycle tests, has a couple books containing old issues of his colom called "from the saddle" that are still hilarious.
If you have been a follower you know exactly what I mean. Google super hunky & you'll find him.
BTW tell him that his only fan from Wyoming sent you (That's what he calls me)
For whatever it's worth I've been reading his take on things since I was 12 (I'm 58 now) along with blazing saddles, history of the world, all in the family, etc. Now you know what kind of twisted mind I have hehe.

Check your pm for more information
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June, 1989 issue of R/C Model Cars magazine published my car in the 'readers rides' section. I sent the photo in at least a year before! Someone told me and I had to send in for a back issue. I think this magazine is still in print but I may be wrong.