who to have build new rear trailing arms for a class 1100 car


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I am maybe looking to have a new set of rear arms built for our class 1100 car, The left one I can not get pulled in far enough for 1/4" toe-in, its more like a 1/4" toe-out. I have squared up the chassie and it is right on.
If anyone has any information about rear arms, that would be great.



You could give Todd Francis a try, he is also in Oregon and did a great job on my custom trailing arms


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when both arms are adjusted for the same wheel base and the right tire is at zero toe, the left wheel is at about 3 inches toe out. I have had to use a ratchet strap on the left wheel with the heim joint all the way in, to get the wheel to be about 1/4 inch toe out and then, it is also a good 1-1/2" shorter wheel base then the right side:( I have squared the chassie about ten times now and it always comes up within an 1/8 inch or less. The center brackets look fine and I think they are original to the car. Any other information on what I might do to correct it would be great, We are trying to get the car ready for Vegas to Reno. I can say the car seems to drive fine, and it did finish the Mint 400 just fine:D

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Sounds like it's a problem with the chassis, not so much the arms would be my guess.
Set the LH rod end so the length of the arm is the same as the RH, position the trailing arm so the wheelbase is correct, then rework the pivot points on the left side