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Who was it @ Barstow?


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I was out at Barstow today riding and i saw a few trucks, buggies and other types testing. There was a white with green stripe ranger(or at least thats what it seemed...there was no bed or front end on it). that was haulin some butt. I'm gonna be at Primm and I was wondering who it was because I want to definitely cheer for them? If the owner views this I would like to let you know that it sounded, and looked not only fast but awesome. I was surprised that I could not keep up with it on my bike! Best of luck to you at Primm. Would somebody please let me know who the owner fo the truck is or team. Thanks

Hey if anybody has an extra pit pass they want to loan me for the weekend let me know. I have been trying to get one, but people seem to be stingy with them...and I thought you guys wanted more hot chicks out at the desert? Email me. If you are local I will come pick it up Sunday or monday



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My guess is Kevin Davis. Kevin was testing at Outlet Center. White and greeen Ranger. We will be out there Sunday moring testing.



white with green stripes ? could be the bajashop green hornet....
the truck that was just featured in the late Dirt Pilot issue (RIP) and also in Offroad Mag.

I heard AJ sold it to someone....


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I have seen the baja shop truck and it is very nice, but it wasnt the one I saw in Barstow.

Thanks guys,



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I attached a picture of Davis Motorsports truck that Kevin Davis drives. I talked with him in Laughlin this year just before we raced against each other, and he was a real cool guy.

Fire Guys Racing


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It was us, Davis Motorsports out at Barstow Testing our new Hammes Bros.Racing engine. You should have come by and said hi,we always like givin' DezQuenns rides! Come by at Primm, we will get you a pit pass.



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Yes DezQueen it was Kevin Davis. He's going for the Mini Metal Bash WIN! Come by our pit and say HI, and we'll all be cheering for Kevin at Primm!!