Who will win the over all @ the baja 500?

speedys racing

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I think Mike Childress will win the over all and by at least 7 minutes from the 2nd place.
will see how close i will be. !
good luck to every one.
Whos your favorite?


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Re: Who will win the over @ the baja 500?

jcr A team

<Cody Agee>

Re: Who will win the over @ the baja 500?

Josh Daniel is going to show why RACER fab is one of the best builders out there... and it's time for Cam I can feel it!!!!


"F" you Bill
Got a feeling 15X is going to surprise people. Colton and OX are solid riders.

Mike @ pit b

1101 Eric Solorzano

It is desert racing and anything can happen! :D:D I'm pullin' for him! ;)


thank god nimrod is pre-running and has no access to a computer :eek: ......... :rolleyes: ...... i think a quad will take this one !!! :cool:


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BALLISTIC bj baldwin!!! needs one this year, ged rid of the bad mojo.

Jerry Zaiden

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I would say..................... He starts third off the line.................. ummmmm :rolleyes:

E&S Racing

JCR on the Bikes and Brian Collins in the #12 Dodge powered SPD TT for the 4 wheel guys.


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If Childress and team can run clean they will take it. Kendall is fast but I think he would do better with Quinn. TT is is going to be Riveria and Rob Mac. BJ hasn't been running very good since they started doing there prep in house.