Curtis Guise

Mar 22, 2001
RDC Crypto
Oceanside, CA
The first thought into Ken Block’s head after driving the 1100hp Geiser Bros Trophy truck was: “That was rad…but can it Gymkhana? ” The obvious solution to this was to try it out and make this video. Ken went to Irwindale Speedway and set up a legitimate Gymkhana Grid course (the same layout used for 2013 x-games), brought out the Hoonigan crew, and spent the day thrashing – all in the name of science.
Because this is science, they needed something to compare the Trophy Truck’s runs with. So they brought out 3x Formula Drift Champion – Chris Forsberg in his competition car to lay down a benchmark run. Just for safe measure, they got Hoonigan’s very own, Hert to rip some laps in the “Shart Kart” to see what a more “normal” car could do.
Will this help Ken prepare for the 1000? Probably not. But it was a good excuse to hammer on a truck, rip donuts, and have a good time with their buds...

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