Whos at work right now?


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How many of you get on the board at least 3 times during your workday? Hahahaha!



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I do...

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I'm here almost all the time.....when I'm at work! Shh don't tell my Boss

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I hope so!!! I'm So tired of Cubicles......and desk jobs!

Build it right the first time......then the second, third and fourth...etc.


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Oh yea I get bored at work a lot :) I am on here just about 24/7 lol. Hard working!

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I think we need a section for the "BORED WORKING DEZERT PEOPLE"

Build it right the first time......then the second, third and fourth...etc.


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Work? Is that what I'm supposed to be doing? According to the engineering dept. you just stick the prints in the machine and parts fly out the other end!!!! No work at all!


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I have a computer right next to my toolbox. BMW says that every shop must be online so that we can get technical bulletins (BMW doesn't put them on paper anymore). The computer also makes a nice radio.

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have to get on-line at work. we have a T1 connection. too slow to at home!!!
and isn't work a four letter word?!

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I use to go on at work all the time...somebody has to check the internet connection!

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The first thing I do when I get to work in the morning is to log on to this web site....and stay logged on until I go home.


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I like that

[Somebody has to check the internet connection!]

Though working for a communications company I'm pretty sure that excuse wouldn't work for me, if we're down then I actually have to be working :-(

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I work 72 hours at a wack. Someone has to give route updates for those going down to Ocatillo Wells when theres fires, right? I just consider it Public Relations and Fire Prevention/Education...

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