Whut Up!!


Whats up this is Jeremy.

I got into desert racing around 8 or 9 yrs old when my dad took me to all the firecracker 250's, or fireworks 500's, I think they were called. Anyway I got to be in the presence of the late and great Ivan " The Ironman" Stewart" , along with Walker Evans, Robby Gordon, and the Baldwins, yep back in the day. I was around the next bend fron that fatal camera man (RIP) incident with Ivan and Walker. That gave me alot of respect for a trophy truck.

Ive always used RDC for the classifieds, just never hopped on the forum.

I play with my 1990 silverado. Has glass and eng. mods. When I get a bender Ill do cage work, maybe learn some custom A-arms.

My plans in desert racing is to remain a great enthusiast. And become better with fabbing.

What keeps me busy during the day is working on my truck, artwork/designing, gathering knowledge, and playing with the wifey and kids.

And I think trophy karts should have their own forum.....I'm just sayin...