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Why is parker 2 days let alone not just one race......


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Another perk is that it eliminates the grandprix finish for the morning racers. Now no one gets gypped out of doing all 3 Laps, for those who run 3 laps.


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Off topic but Rage this year was by far the ruffest its ever been. It was so chopped up on sunday. Definitely getting ruffer out there everywhere.


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Love the new 2 day format, hop in the old rhino and drive over to the Osborne to watch both days. 10 minutes from the new Parker Palace we bought and are working on, above Sandbar.

Ty Owings

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Do the chatter bumps effect the bigger trucks and buggies like c1 and TT? I know they are awful in our 5 seat car in ocotillo and will rattle your brains out unless your over 100+.