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Why is the website so slow and unreliable?


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Seems like it takes every page forever to load, and half the time I get an error message and have to reload the page. Is it just me? Noticed it before the 1000 and its still bad.


My personal experience is that it has never been this fast ever. I measure performance and nerd out on techniques to make it even faster.
I test against legacy and contemporary browsers and operating system. Desktop and mobile. I vpn to different networks to simulate distance.

googles speed feedback claims we are fast.

However currently there is a cloudflare issue where they send unavailable message to visitors while the source server works along not even being stressed. It is very hard to troubleshoot when I myself have yet to experience it myself. I get texts with screenshot from people all the time... so I am aware it is not the best for all all the time.

I keep committed to make it wok and working fast for all.
Appreciate the feedback.