Wild Earp

Wild Earp

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Oct 8, 2009
Lakewood, CA
Hi, My name is Ben. I go by Wild Earp on the forums.

I guess now that RDC has a official UTV section, Ill have to become a member, and stop just lurking. I spend a lot of time reading and posting on the big UTV/rhino forums, and have learned a lot from the RDC forum over the years.

My desert toys include a 2006 Race Rhino, built by SDR Motorsports. Right now its setup for short course racing in the Pro UTV class of LOORRS, but it was built as a dual sport, so it can be used for desert racing too (its actually a better desert car). To date, Ive only done 1 LOORRS race, and it is currently awaiting a change to a R1 motor, to compete in the new SR1 class next year.

Also have a 2005 Rhino 660 with a SDR Motorsports 4 seat bed delete cage, Magnum Long Travel, Twisted Stitch seats. Just picked this one up used a few months ago, for cruising the deserts around Earp, CA with the family, and for a pit vehicle for races.

Then theres the full tube chassis Manx desert car with a 22RE turbo motor. This ones a blast, but is currently up on blocks getting some TLC after a few hard seasons.

My unfinished projects include a 1980 Jeep Wagoneer with a RamJet FSJ 350 crate motor and 700R4, 6" lift and 32" tire and a 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T, 440, 40,000 original miles no rust.

Daily driver is a Jeep Commader w/ 2" lift, 32" Rubicon Wheels/tires.

Im a Graphic Designer by trade, and work for a promotional marketing company in Santa Ana, CA.