Will be racing BORR and maybe BITD


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Hello, my name is Dan. I Live in Utah, and am planning on racing with BORR next season, and maybe some BITD races as I can afford. I just bought a 2wd S10 Blazer to setup for class 3100. All I have done so far is get all the interior stripped out. I preran the Wendover 250 last month and decided that I will be driving in the next race I go to. This vehicle (while maybe uncomfortable with 9" travel) should be cheap enough that I can get started. I am also building a class 10/1 car, which I think is going to be a long term project since I am right around the poverty line. That one is just a frame at this point. I about have the rear trailing arms finished, though. I may be old and gray before I can afford the shocks...