Will the new wall change off road racing below the border ?

El Mamito USMC

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dont think so.. the ones that go south of the wall are the ones that appreciate MX.. if you don't like it, then don't go.. its not hard. I just hope that Mexicans don't see all of us as haters or having that same mentality..


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nIts hard to think so, but I'm sure you'll run into the people that like yellow an those that defer against it . When that heavy deportation was hitting Arizona by sheriff Arpaio , I was down in Ensenada an believe it was the 500 an got pulled over. I showed them my Arizona ID . The exact words of the cops were you guys don't want us in Arizona an we don't want you here either . I laughed with in my self an told him " I'm as Mexican as you , my mom was born as raised in Mexico". He repeated but your one of them . So with that been said, I think all you can do is take the necessary precautions an hope for the best .


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Just don't wear your red hats south the border cause belive it or not many people down there knows how to read English.

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90+% of the California/Baja border has had a wall for close to 20 years. So an extension shouldn't make that much difference. What could make a difference is anti-trade policies which hurt the Mexican economy and further alienate the general populace. The populace has enough trouble with their own government and they don't need further help from our government on that score.


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In short, I say yes. A wall isn't going to do anything, but the fact that we're willing to build one is saying a lot to Mexico. I doubt it will hurt us RACING wise as I don't think Baja is willing to give up 3 races that bring a lot of cash down south (SF250, B500, B1K) but don't be surprised if you get treated differently down there. It's no secret that just about all of them don't like the idea of a wall, and in reality will it stop anything from happening? Negative, but the fact that we are going forward with it is pissing a lot of people off down south, whether it's right or wrong.

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J Burleson

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The wall won't do shite but waste ALOT of tax payer dollars. You're on drugs if you believe Mexico is going to "pay us back". It will reignite the cartel wars as "turf" will be depleted. It will increase instances of targeted burglary while over the boarder. So YES, it will have an impact That is, if it ever gets built. Which I doubt will happen.


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I think there will be some initial resentment for sure. However, once the people and authorities realize that us off-road racers do not have any control over the wall being built, and that we are going to keep coming down and spending our money in Baja, hopefully things will go back to business as usual.

J Prich

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The wall no, but depending on how adversarial things get you might see some changing attitudes towards gringos...


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There is already a wall across much of the top of Baja. Figure it out. How many of you pay for your tourist visa when you cross the border? How many of you buy the insurance when you cross the border? How many of YOU are visiting Mexico legally? Won't be an issue for me.


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are the mexicans that DONT want a wall on their northern border going to tear down the wall on their SOUTHERN BORDER????


I'm sure there will be plenty of new tunnels created under said new wall .... o_O;)


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Mexico is a nation built on ethnic pride... They are proud to be Mexicans.... They will support their President 100%.... If you mess with their pride, you're done...
Did nobody see them deliver El Chapo to the new administration.... That's Mexico's way of saying they want to work with the Trump Administration...
Any sooner and Obama might have pardoned him....


Jerry Maguire
From a political stand point yet. There may be retaliation from Mexico that could affect racing. There are new Mayors and Governors in Baja who want to win over their people, taking a tough stance against Trump and his policies may score them points. I can tell you the only person less favorable than the Mexican President right now (12% approval rating) is Trump and you'd better believe the Mexican officials have seen Roger pics at the inauguration and speaking highly favorably of Trump. The Mexican President just canceled his meeting with Trump in retaliation for the wall order.

The potential trade war consequences could really wreck havoc down there way more so than the wall. Destabilizing the economy will only give more power to the drug lords and that is not good. The current crisis with the gas prices and deregulation of their fuel sector could only make a bad situation worse. Frankly, I don't think the future for Mexico and US relations looks bright and that WILL affect racing.

From a practical standpoint the walls affects are doubtful. Why I laugh about this wall is there is already a wall in a lot of places, there's been a wall along parts of Southern California border for years now. The places that don't have a wall are out in the middle of nowhere, its impossible to guard those areas anyways so who's to stop them from just climbing over the wall or burrowing underneath it? If they can tunnel under our most developed and guarded areas they can surely do it out in the middle of nowhere?