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Win $2,000 Cash from Rugged Radios!


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Vegas to Reno is right around the corner! To make the "longest off-road race in the United States" more exciting, we are going to give away $2,000 cash!

A few of our Rugged drivers are in the spotlight, and whoever guesses the closest overall finish time for each driver, wins $500 cash! It's free to play, so tell your friends!

Best of luck to everyone! Click here to play!

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Have you come up with your guesses for the finish times of our 4 sponsored drivers yet? Make sure you get your entries in! $500-$2000 cash could be yours! Good luck guys! (Click image to play)


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Let me know what you pick for my time and I will try to accomodate! haha


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Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest!

We'd like to congratulate Jason Coleman who finished 2nd in Class 10 with a time of 10:35:12,
giving our contest participant Don Johnson the win with his guess of 10:35:15 - He was only 3 seconds off!

Another big congrats to the Murray brothers who finished 3rd in the 1900 UTV class with a time of 11:44:31, giving our contest participant Brandon Sahlstrom the win with his guess of 11:46:26.

Congratulations guys, we will be contacting you shortly!