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Windows 10 helps run older Kenwood programming software


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For my Kenwood TK-730’s I’ve always had to revert to an older Windows XP or earlier Microsoft operating system to run the DOS-based programming software.

That is until Windows 10 and DOSBox 0.74 arrived. I’ve tried DOSBox on Vista, Win 7 with absolutely no success. I’m not sure what changed in Windows 10, but it works perfectly with DOSBox in my usage.

My setup:
  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • DOSBox 0.74
  • Kenwood KPG-7D software
  • A USB FTDI-based chipset programming cable.
Hope this helps.

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Not much help from me, but here is my experience.
Search for programming SW for your unit. There is an outfit out there in Cyberland that sells (pretty low cost) SW and cables that he advertises as universal for each radio brand. I talked to him before Win10, and he said he tested on Win XP, 7 & 8.1 with success for various bramds.
Meanwhile I have had success with serial to USB SW that works on XP, 7, & 8, 8.1. Big PITA to get it working. ICOM, Kenwood, & Yaesu all work with oem sw and my serial to USB fix and a serial to USB adapter for the oem cable.
Good luck on your search.