**Winner Robby Gordon !!! Baja 500!!


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good job robby.......been rooting for you all day!


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alllllllllright RG we knew you had it in you


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YES! YES!! YES!!! (that's me jumping up and down) Great job RG and RG motorsports. You guys ROCK!

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Way to go Robby, I watched you and BJ Battle all day on this comp......... Congratulations


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RG kicked ass all weekend good job
and to all of you back home here are a few pictures


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It was a truly great battle bj is a very solid driver and with Norman and Herbst there, awesome. But I'm a Robby fan, truly a dedicated and prepared racer.... I think the next time Robby logs on will be the first through.

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Nice win for sure. Not a bad way for his New Full Time Marketing guy to start out either...Should be able to ride this win for a while...


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bj needs to buy good tires next time