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Are there any opinions on using 1 brand of battery cut off switch vs another, and also what are the advantages or disadvantages of using either circuit breakers vs fuses ?


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most disconnect switches are the same the differences is if its a solid state switch ( painless wiring sells them they arent that cheap ) that has relays to operate two or more batteries or an inline switch ( you know the kragen style ). another thing is if you want it to lock off or not. just make sure it will handle the amperage

the differences between the two is one you have to pull out the old fuse and put in a new one and if your racing or whatever and you dont have any your screwed if it is an important fuse. it if a breaker type all you have to do is push it to reset it and not worry about switching which is a lot quicker (you can probably hit it before the truck rolls to a stop)

another thing is a properly wired system should not blow fuses...period

design the wiring system right and you wont have to worry about blowing fuses

its not speeding unless its a triple digit