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Boy, we've been shuffling our dates back and forth, since many of the other organizers are doing likewise.

We have worked very hard in order to avoid conflicts as best as we can. So, here is our latest and greatest EVENT CALENDAR for the PURE UTV Offload Series, plus our new "POWER TOURS" Series (three events); and also the brand new "OHV DURO" Series, also with three events scheduled for the year. Man, this is going to be fun!

NEW FOR OFF-ROAD ENTHUSIASTS: We are really excited to provide the POWER TOURS that will take us to incredible places in the desert. They all start and finish at BAR-B's RANCH. If you have an off-road vehicle, pre-runner or any type of specialty vehicle, SUVs, JEEPS, or others, this is the perfect occasion to take your family and friends on great tours of our wonderful high deserts. The "Tours" will range from 100 miles in length to almost 300 miles, on multiple days. Again, these are for any type of off-road vehicles, all classes and makes. Bring cameras, video and your cell phones you are going to visit great places.

AND THEN WE HAVE THE BRAND NEW SERIES, the "OHV-DURO" Series, also for all types of off-road vehicles. This series provides "technical" challenges where each entry has to average a certain speed between "secret" Checkpoints, which requires excellent navigation and skilled driving. Not a race but a great competitive event. Prizes are awarded at the end.
In the meantime, stay safe, protect yourself and get ready to have fun with us.
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We appreciate your help in updating our most current calendar. I'm sure many other promoters and organizations are doing likewise. Boy, what a mess. But as off-roaders we are used to difficulties along the trail. Thanks again.